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Wszelkie formy obrażania godności innych członków Discussion board, w publicznych wypowiedziach, bądź poprzez prywatne wiadomości są zakazane. Kultura osobista obowiązuje wszystkich członków.

Ngemu NÃO TOLERA trocas/focus onão/partilha de software package ilegal também conhecido como "Warez". Inbound links ou pedidos de materiais comerciais obtidos ilegalmente, tal como ROMs, ISOs, ou BIOs não será tolerado.

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W razie, gdy będziesz udzielał informacji, bądź okaże się, że jesteś w posiadaniu nielegalnie uzyskanego oprogramowania komercyjnego, twój temat na forum bez dyskusyjnie zostanie zamknięty.

היה בטוח שאינך שואל שאלה שהתשובה לה כבר קיימת. השתמש באפשרות החיפוש שבפורום (?)

* Added What is new monitor for each new version, you could usually accessibility it from options display screen as well

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Consumer “Legal rights” or Legal rights? The court docket addressed the public’s legal rights underneath the law (for example good use) as a “proper”, i.e., a lawful ideal that's accompanied by a obligation of A further (the copyright holders) to allow that apply. Accordingly the court docket’s reasoning possibly generates new brings about of motion any time a copyright owner deprives customers of protected “legal rights.

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The law gives the proprietor permission to create backups in their discs delivered it is still within their possession and has not been marketed off or specified absent. To put it check here simply, it needs to be You happen to be DISC.

לפני כחצי שנה אושרה בקשה לתביעה ייצוגית נגד שתי מרפאות לטיפול בפטרת ציפורניים על משלוח מסרונים פרסומיים בניגוד לחוק התקשורת.

עם העלייה בשיעור השימוש בדוא"ל, משתמשים רבים מקבלים הודעות דוא"ל מסחריות בלתי רצויות שלא ביקשו לקבל, הידועות כדואל זבל.

Please keep the signatures modest. Massive signatures make the board search untidy and cut down functionality for our 56k users. Being a guide signatures should not be larger sized than 500x100x20k for signatures hosted on ngemu, or 500x130 in dimension and 25k in filesize normally.

The USDA's Meals Security and Inspection Services also advises consumers contaminated products may have already been ordered. Consumers are urged to check their shelves and pantires also to never to take in the products and solutions. They should be discarded or returned for the area of acquire.

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